Hi there, Welcome to my blog, if its your first time here or you are a wonderful member I am extremely pleased that you have taken the time to be here, I have so much great love for you. Helping you brings so much joy to me and knowing that this article will be beneficial towards your life puts me at ease knowing that a precious life will be changed, I’d for you to know that for a very long time, I was struggling to find inner peace and peace of mind because of the traumatic events that have happened in my life and those events have completely changed me, I started being bitter and always angry,not wanting to be around amazing people, I was forever moody and emotional about little pathetic things , I was just not happy about anything or with anyone, relationships failed and I pushed away people who loved and cared about me.

I felt so empty inside, like I had this black hole in me that wanted to swallow me and only to realize that i was lacking inner peace , I had no peace of mind no connection to my inner being.

I knew that I had to do something about this issue because it was draining emotionally and physically. Forever fatigued and not interested in the daily activities, I needed to find my peace, my peace of mind, my connection to source. I know that there are so many people out there who have  the same situation I was going through and who don’t know how to find their inner connection to self, to their inner source, so I decided to share the steps I am taking each day in practicing to be whole and at peace, they are working for me and i know they will for you too, The first step is as follows :

Soothe and replenish your spirit.

Quiet your mind. Sit quietly to free and empty your mind of thought. When you make time to be alone, you allow yourself an opportunity to be able to think, have clear thoughts, feel, dream, communicate with the Higher Self, and receive Its  wisdom and guidance. You are able to shut out all other voices and hone in on the voice of your own spirit. If you will learn to do this, you will tap into the inner well of riches that God has placed within you.

  • Rest frequently. Find a comfortable spot to unwind, relax or take a nap. Being well-rested is crucial to your mental and emotional well-being.
  • Learn to meditate. Mindfulness meditation will help you to focus on your spiritual well-being, and can ease the anxiety and stress that hinders your inner peace.
  • Free yourself of stress and worries.

Keep everything simple.

Inner peace is easier to achieve when you simplify your life and your to-do list. Try not to do everything at once. You can do anything you want, but you don’t to do everything at once. Stop focusing and worrying about how other people live their life. Life becomes a whole lot better when you learn to shut out the outside noise, and focus on the noise going on in your own mind.

Take your time.

Achieving inner peace is a process; take the time to experience and enjoy your own personal journey. Don’t be discouraged if the process takes a while; there is beauty in the process of becoming. Especially if you are recovering from emotional or mental trauma, allow yourself to experience the process of recovery. You can achieve inner peace and live a purposeful, self-directed life when you take the time to recover fully.

Be patient.

Remember that inner peace develops over time. Fluctuations occur throughout the day. There will be moments that you feel more peaceful than others. Remember that you are a work in progress, and although you are always changing you are beautiful in every moment.

Experience the current moment.

Think only of what is at hand. Think less about the past or future. Today is different from the past. Being mindful of each moment can help you feel centered, calm, and peaceful.

Try not to prejudge.

It is easy to allow negativity into your mind by expecting or fearing unknown situations. Let go of bias and expectation. Be open to experience. Letting go of the need for control will help you feel peaceful with life’s unpredictable circumstances.

Be happy.

Take time to do the things that make you happy. Satisfy your desires. Following your own path is the road to inner peace. Try reaching out and connecting to others. This can help you feel peaceful and content.

Have pride.

You are who you are. Take pride in your individuality. Accept yourself for who you are. Self-acceptance should be unconditional: you deserve to love yourself, strengths, weaknesses, and all.

Be content.

Find contentment in where you are, who you are and what you are doing. Accepting your life as it is and yourself as you are will help you to feel inner peace.

Take responsibility.

Rectify your errors when possible. Relieve your mind.Everyone makes mistakes. To feel peace, you should admit when you are wrong.

Be private.

You can keep things to yourself. So much stress comes from talking about problems with others While its always okay to share with others if that feels peaceful and freeing to you, never feel obligated to talk about your problems or journey unless you want to. Let no one interfere with your inner needs.

Avoid gossip. Friends who want to talk about others or who leave you feeling drained are toxic to your emotional health.

Be pleasant.

Be kind and courteous. It warms your heart as well.

See beauty.

See the beauty in everyone and everything. Noticing what is good about others, instead of what is bad, will help you to feel peaceful with the world.

Fall in love.

Fall in love with everyone you meet. Enjoy the spirit in others.

Caring for others can bring peace to you. You can also care for animals, which can help you feel valued and loved.

Avoid negative people.

Limit time spent with people that make you feel negative in any way. Remember the famous saying, “He who angers you, controls you.”

You see, these are the most simple steps to take, understanding that finding and practicing inner peace is a journey, dont rush yourself into being peaceful, be easy on yourself you are doing great and you are so amazing Take care of yourself, take care of your mind live the most harmonious life.

LOVE… Hlela Dastile

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