Hair Care guideline

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We know that as someone who loves their hair and have recently purchased the T444Z Hair Food, you may would like to know the best way to use the product and achieve results within three months, below we have compiled all the compulsory steps that you need to follow throughout this wonderful hair journey of yours, We look forward in helping you achieve healthier hair.

Proposed Regime summary

Avoid heat on your natural hair. Allow hair to air dry OR use a cool heat setting on the blow drier to  protect the hair.

Step 1: Wash and Condition

Do not wash the hair more than three times a month. On your wash day use a sulphate free shampoo with conditioner or alternatively you can co-wash the hair (using conditioner only as a shampoo. This will remove excess oils but will not remove all the oils from the hair and scalp. Once a month you can use normal shampoo to deep wash the hair).

Wet hair thoroughly and add shampoo to the scalp. Focus the lather on the scalp and not the hair. Do not rub the hair vigorously or wildly as this can tangle the hair. Use your wash day as an opportunity to massage your scalp well.

Follow your shampoo session with a deep conditioning treatment.

Use a natural oils such as extra virgin coconut oil or a manufactured conditioner as a conditioner. Add to wet hair and leave in for 15mins (or as suggested on the package) before rinsing. Avoid heat styling your hair by allowing hair to air-dry till damp before styling/ combing

Trim any split ends when appropriate. Trimming does not promote hair growth and should only be done to remove damaged hair.

Step 2: Styling

The hair shaft should be moisturised daily using a water based moisturiser

Braided hair or cornrows should be used for the next 6 months. Client can pick between the two styling methods but braids are highly recommended. Plait should not be tight and painful as this can lead to hair loss.


Leave braids for up to 3-4 months repairing only the hairline every 6- 8 weeks Spray braids daily with a moisturizing spray e.g. argan oil hairspray, antifungal hair spray. This is very important to help prevent breakage and retain length. Apply t444z between braids every three days and massage.

Cornrows/ plaits: Plait hair for 6 – 8 weeks at a time. After removing the style ensure that you plait the hair again within 3 days. All plaits should not be too thin. Cornrows should not be a straight back/push back, rather use a zig zag design on the hairline to reduce stress on the hairline. Apply t444z every three days and massage.

Step 3: Undoing braids and plaits


Your hair will be in the same style for a long time so use satin headscarves or pillowcases whenever you sleep or wrap your hair. This will reduce the frizzing and keep your hair from drying out quickly.

Avoid touching and playing with the hair too much

Use natural drying techniques that don’t require heat as much as possible